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Our story so far...

One day my husband came back from a doctor's appointment and discovered that he had high cholesterol. I was devastated.


As soon as we returned home, we immediately started researching ways to get his cholesterol under control. After some intense weeks of researching, we met with a health coach who exposed us to the power of oats.

The thing is, eating boiled oats wasn't fun, so we took to the supermarket to buy some granola. But most brands on the market were dry, hard and full of preservatives.


 So we returned to our kitchen with some raw oats and started experimenting with gourmet ingredients. 

Soon after, we had created a flavorful granola blend of 13 gourmet ingredients that we were privately enjoying for about five months.

Until, one night in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband in a show of gratitude had surprised me with a repurposed jam jar that was filled with our gourmet granola and bearing my name on it. That night, he posted it online and the rest is history...

In hours, we racked up nearly one hundred orders. In weeks, we launched in stores and have expanded with international shipping.

And, my husband has a clean bill of health. 

We are super grateful and thank you for choosing to #FeedYourHeart with Rheem Gourmet Granola

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